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Who runs this website?
Is the website still being maintained and updated?
How can I contact the webmaster?
If I send an email Will I get a reply?
Why "" and not ""?
My surname is also Kisby - are we related??
How do I discover my family tree?
Why is this site dedicated to Ettie Wadsworth?

Who runs this website? is created, owned and managed by Sean Kisby ...of Cardiff, that is, to save confusion with any other Sean Kisby's (surprisingly, there are several). He is a self styled Kisby guru and general busy-body, having been investigating his own family tree (and those of others) for over 25 years. He welcomes comments, criticisms, suggestions, advice and offers of help from other people, of course!


Are you still maintaining this website? Yes, hopefully you will notice the recent improvements and additions. The website is slowly being brought into the 2010's.

Admittedly there have been times in the recent past when little has changed. This is partly because Sean has a busy job and a career to consider! In addition, he has been spending time adding to the interesting family tree on his mother's side of my family. Having said all that, Sean is constantly looking for ways to augment and improve '' therefore suggestions and feedback are welcome.


How can I contact you?

mail me
There are a variety of methods of contact available which, unfortunately, is confusing for some!

There are two email addresses. For general messages or comments, you are welcome to use:

For messages or enquiries related to the surnames Kisby, Kisbee, Kisbey etc., you can alternatively use:

You can also use the website's Guestbook (see next question).


If I send you an email will I get a reply?

Hopefully so. Both email accounts are regularly. Thankyou to everyone who has made contact over the last decade of this website's existence!

If you would like to leave a short greeting then the Visitors Book is a great place to start. You will receive an automated reply message and occasionally may receive a reply in person.

To stand more chance of a personal reply, please send an email. I strongly recommend you give your message a subject title that explains itself clearly - messages entitled "Hi", "Hello", "Please Read" (or "Do you want a cheap loan/college degree/rolex watch/lottery win/illegal drugs/larger manhood etc.") look too much like SPAM and are likely to be swiftly deleted *chuckle*.


Why '' and not ''? A common question. The simple answer is that the web address '' had been registered and reserved by somebody else.  And 'kisbee'??  In the days of Sean's radical youth he refused to pay Maggie Thatcher's "Poll Tax" and only avoided being taken to court because (thanks to his landlord's bad spelling) his bills had been sent in the name of Mr S. M. Kisbee ("who he, m'lud?").  Therefore he had a fond attachment to the name 'kisbee' and so the web address '' was born.  Sean had no idea at the time that there were so many Kisbee's in existence. Apologies to any agrieved Kisbee's but, hey, we are probably all related to the same C13th knight!!!


My surname is also Kisby - are we related? Quite possibly, but there are plenty of Kisby's lurking in all corners of the World, more than you would expect. Sean is carrying out a Kisby/ey/ee One-name-study and has a database of more than 3500 individuals spanning 500 years. Take a look at some of the Kisby information available on this site. Sean has encountered many distant relatives via this website. He has also been introduced to a not-too-distant Kisby cousin who lives only a few miles up the road. And I bumped into another distant relative purely by coincidence in a town museum! If your surname is Fovargue, or Blunt, or Baines (particulary from the English Fens) then maybe you are related to 'his' Kisby's as well!!


How do I discover my family tree? The very place to start is sitting on the couch with one of your elderly relatives. Ask them what they know - try and record every detail, even the strangest facts may turn out to be true. And people remember wonderful details that you will never discover elsewhere. For example, Sean's great aunt told him she had an uncle called 'Bat' - 15 years later he discovered an uncle of hers indeed had the middle name of 'Batson'.
There are many excellent websites and repositories that can help you delve further. Some of Sean's favorites are listed on the Favorite Links page. Again, remember to keep a list of the records, and people you have consulted, so you don't repeat work. And record where you obtained your facts so that, in the future, you can check if your assumptions were correct. Good luck!


Why is this site dedicated to Ettie Wadsworth? Glad you asked. Ettie was Sean's great-aunt ('Ant Ett', as she would say). She was born Ethel Kisby, growing up and living in Leeds, Yorkshire (England). She married her childhood sweetheart, Harold Wadsworth. Ettie became a professional dressmaker and, being tall, blonde and slim, would also model dresses in the top Leeds department stores of the 1930's. Like her father before her Ettie was a strong, extrovert character. She lived for the moment. Consequently she had little interest in family history. All the same, she answered Sean's long list of questions about her predecessors politely and, it turned out, very accurately. When she passed away at a grand age she left Sean enough money to buy his first computer. So she not only started his early search for Kisby predecessors, she also gave the oportunity to share the discoveries on the World Wide Web.


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