Inventory of the goods of Paul Gisby/Kisbey/Kysbye, a copy of which was provided to Ron Caseby by the Bodleian Library, Oxford, England. With many thanks to the transcription, translation and information skills of Oxford University, Michael Cullen and Ron.

 An Inventory of the goodes of
  Mr; Paul Kisbey taken the
   IXthe of February Anno 1594

In primis his bookes ------------- xliiii l vii s xi d
A fetherbedd
2 bolsters
2 coverlettes
2 blankettes
a pillowe
------------------- liii s iiii d
a Flockbedd --------------------------- x d
a schollers gowne & civill hoode - xxx s
a buffin gowne ------------------- xx s
a clothe gowne ------------------ xiii s iiii d
a caskett ----------------------- iii s
A truncke ---------------------- vi s viii d
a deske ------------------------ xx d
2 little boxes ----------------- xvi d
a chest ------------------------ ii s
his apparell ------------------- xxx s
his linnen --------------------- xx s
10 Mappes ----------------------- x s
bowe & arrowes ------------------ viii s
In money ------------------------ xii l xi s

  Summa; -------------------- lxvii l viii s iii d

  This; Inventory was taken
   by; Mr Anthony Davies
    and; Richard Smithe

Exhibitu' erat hoc inventaru' 24o die mensis
maii Ao Dni 1595 p vero plano et pfecto
Inventario Pauli Gispie cu'
vixit psonis pvilegiat'

"The Latin formula translates as: 'This inventory was displayed on 24 May 1595 as a true, plain and perfect inventory of Paul Gisbie, a privileged person while he lived'.
"A privileged person was anyone who was afforded the privileges of the University, whether as a scholar or as a tradesman serving the University. It was due to this status that Kisbie came under the jurisdiction of the Chancellor's Court, and that the administration of his estate fell to this court when he died intestate.

"The Inventory had Paul's name written on the reverse of it and spelled out in a bold and flourishing hand as Paul KYSBYE."

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